Post A Comment With 9 Effective Methods To Drive Insane Traffic

Blog Commenting is generally considered as one of the effective link building strategies but, it also has potential to drive a boatload of targeted traffic to your site.

Knowing the correct ways to post a comment would determine the success of your efforts to attract organic and in organic web traffic.

Let’s run through few aspects we should keep when we leave a comment on blogs.

1.Find Sites Related To Your Niche.

You need to discover the sites that are closely related to your niche.

Posting a comment on a site similar to your niche will always yield better results that posting a comment on an off-topic site. Visitor coming from a site of the same niche will always be a targeted and likely to convert into a sale or a lead.

Now here is a quick tip – You may leverage site like to scrape the sites that are analogous to your niche. A huge time-saver.

2. Comment Something Valuable.

Commenting for the sake of backlink will not help. You need to write a comment that will ignite a conversation, for example – asking a relevant question or providing an elaborative comment that will aid readers or even providing your viewpoint on the topic.

Note – Bloggers today keep a close eye on the comments posted. Anything irrelevant and spam will get discarded right away.

3.Post thoughtfully and Research.

Look for an opportunity to respond to a questing asked in the comment thread and research if required.

Answering to question comprehensively will build your credibility on the site you have commented. This would indirectly and passively portray your expertise and provoke the reader to click on the name and hop over to you site.

4. Always Use Your Actual Name.

Commenting with your actual name will build trust factor in readers.

Avoid posting your business name as it would be treated as an individual who has attempted to comment to promote his/her site.

Overall, using name will make you’re more real and accessible.

5.Ensure Comment with ‘Avatar’

Displaying your picture as an avatar in your comment will make you more personable. Readers are more likely to visit your site if they know the person behind the comment.

Always remember, we should thrive to be part of transparency culture. Reveal your true identity in the blogosphere and share your knowledge without any expectations.

6.Be First To Comment.

Aim to be the first commenter to the new blog post.

Reason – you would be always flashed first whenever reader completes reading the blog post .Imagine a traffic you would get if a blog post is Pillar Post or of Viral type.

Quick Tip – Create a Google Alert for the keyword or key phrase to receive a listing of blogs daily who have posted some fresh content. Be first to comment and drive insane traffic.

7.Avoid Generic Comments.

Posting comments such as “Great Post”, “Thank You XYZ”, etc will not add any value. Some blog owners would move such comments in the trash while moderating.

Always provide insightful comments that are linked to the blog post and will help readers.

8.Maintain Consistency.

Focus on commenting regularly. As every blog needs a fresh updated content, commenting consistently on the relevant blog is also must .Else, your site won`t get momentum to get ranked in search engines.

Aim to comment on 5 to 10 blogs daily for next 30 days. At the end of the month, you should have 100- 200 comments and this should not take you more 30 minutes every day.

9.Comment on Blogs with Large Audience.

To reap maximum benefits, shortlist your favourite blogs as per the user engagement and activity. Generally, all blog owners proudly display the count of readers on various platforms. This will give a clear indication of the popularity of the blog.

Commenting on such blogs guarantees high visibility to the comments you would post.

Hope you would find above compilation on ‘how to write a comment’ useful.

Look forward to your valuable inputs and feedback.

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