How to find the best rate of return on an investment?

The answer can be as simple as finding out how much you earn in a given year.

But there’s more to it than that, as the Economist explains in this handy guide.

How to calculate your annual income How much do you earn?

A lot.

For many, that figure will give the answer.

It’s a rough number, and it’s likely to be influenced by a number of factors.

It depends on your age, the size of your household, whether you’re in your 20s or 30s and whether you’ve been married or cohabiting for at least a year.

The best way to determine the number is to look at the average return you would get on an annuity if you lived to 100.

So, if you’re a 20-year-old in your twenties, and your annual return is 5%, that’s the number of years that you’d have to live to get a 5% annual return on a pension.

But if you have children, you’d need to live at least 60 years to get an even bigger annual return.

That’s because it takes an extra 50 years for your kids to reach the age of 30, which can be a bit longer than you’d expect.

In some cases, the annual return will be lower, such as in a 20 year-old with no children.

If you’re living in a large country, such an annual return might be much higher, as your life expectancy is higher than in a smaller country.

In the US, for example, the average annual return for those aged 60 and over is 3.9%, which means that for a person in that age bracket, it would take 2.7 years to reach 100.

(The average annual rate of inflation in the US is 3%, so it’s important to be realistic about what you might receive when you retire.)

How to estimate your lifetime income How do you determine your lifetime earnings?

One way to get your lifetime return is to calculate the annual rate in which you earned income for a given number of consecutive years.

This is called the lifetime income rate, or LIR.

The LIR is an easy way to figure out your lifetime net worth.

The LIR for a typical 20-something is about $200,000, but you can find it on a website like, or by looking up your earnings by year.

To figure out how your lifetime returns compare to others, you’ll need to do some calculations.

Here are a few of the basics: First, you need to decide how many years you actually live.

Next, you will need to work out how long your net worth would have been if you hadn’t lived that many years.

You’ll also need to estimate how much money you would have earned if you’d lived a certain number of decades instead.

Finally, you should compare your lifetime savings to the average amount you would need to save in a year in order to pay off your current debt, or take care of your retirement.

To do this, you can use a number called the savings rate.

These calculations are a bit complicated, but if you use them correctly, you might get the right answer.

If you want to know more, read our guide on how to calculate a lifetime savings rate for yourself.

Is your retirement plan fully managed?

If your retirement is fully managed, you’re likely to receive an annual income that is lower than what you would receive on an ordinary annuity.

What you can expect from your retirement account The most important thing to remember about retirement accounts is that they are only for people who can afford to pay them.

You’re expected to pay the full value of your investment at retirement, even if you’ve made some mistakes.

You might also find it difficult to get any retirement benefits.

If so, you may be entitled to a lump sum of money from your account.

There are other things that you can’t expect from an annuities plan, such the value of the money you’re putting into your account, how long it will last and how much your income will increase.

How to choose a retirement account You might not realise that you have a choice in choosing an annuitant, or annuity, when you go to the bank and start checking out.

But when you look at your options, it’s easy to see which ones you might want to consider.

You can either buy an annulment, or a plan.

Buying an annulus The first option is the annuitance.

An annuitment is the traditional way of paying off your debts.

It’s an annulled payment made to the Bank of England to ensure that you’re not making a financial loss.

An annuitary doesn’t get any money back in any case.

They just get a lump-sum payment to cover their debts. The bank

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