The stimulus income ceiling is a measure of the total amount of government aid given to households to help with expenses such as food, clothing, transportation, rent, and other basic needs.

The federal government has said it wants to cap the amount of aid at $100,000 for households earning more than $100K a year.

States that are already on the brink of being hit with a new $3.6 trillion budget deficit and the possibility of a government shutdown may be more affected than others.

Below is a list of states that would be hit hardest by a $3,000 tax increase: Alaska – $1,100 Alaska is one of the states that has been hit hardest during the recession.

The state has been forced to cut back on social services, particularly in the health care field, and has seen a decline in the number of people receiving Medicaid and CHIP coverage.

However, the state has a $1.9 billion surplus.

Alaska is also the only state in the U.S. that has no income tax.

Alaska also has no state income tax on dividends, capital gains, or dividends from partnerships and other corporations.

Connecticut – $2,000 Connecticut has a surplus of more than a billion dollars and a projected $4.2 billion in state and local government revenue.

However the state is also dealing with its own fiscal challenges.

The Connecticut economy is already in a recession, and the state’s economy contracted by more than 1 percent in the fourth quarter.

The recession has hurt the state in other ways, including in the form of a $2.6 billion budget shortfall and a $4 billion budget gap for the state health system.

The Governor of Connecticut has been trying to reduce the state deficit.

However he has yet to do so and has proposed reducing the state income and property tax rate to 2 percent.

He has also said that the state should reduce the minimum wage and increase its refundable tax credit to $2 per $1 spent.

Delaware – $500 Delaware has a projected surplus of nearly $1 billion, but is facing a projected deficit of $4,000 per person.

Delaware also has a large amount of property taxes in the state.

The total amount collected in property taxes is about $10 billion, and many of those taxes go to schools.

This is a big concern for the governor of Delaware as the state was one of seven states to hit a $10,000 income tax in 2014.

Illinois – $10 million Illinois has a budget deficit of more $1 trillion.

The governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, has said that his goal is to cut the state budget deficit in half by 2020.

He said that he is seeking a $500 per household income tax increase to pay for his budget.

Iowa – $3 million Iowa is in the middle of a budget crisis, with an estimated $3 billion in budget deficits, according to the Iowa Policy Institute.

Governor Terry Branstad has said his goal in his first year in office is to reduce Iowa’s deficit to zero by 2023.

The budget deficit is projected to rise to $7.6 million by 2026, with a projected shortfall of $1 million per person in 2021 and $6 million per household in 2022.

New Hampshire – $50 million New Hampshire is also in the midst of a major budget crisis.

The New Hampshire General Assembly has approved a budget for the next two years that would reduce the budget by $4 million.

The cuts would come after the legislature voted to raise the income tax rate in June.

The income tax was previously set at 5.25 percent.

The revenue increase would come as the New Hampshire economy slows down and the cost of living increases, making New Hampshire a place that has not been able to meet its growing needs.

New Jersey – $600 million New Jersey is one the states most vulnerable to the impact of a new state income-tax increase, as its current tax structure does not include any additional tax on dividend income.

The tax rate is set at 12 percent, meaning that any amount of dividend income would be taxed at the rate of 9 percent.

However if New Jersey were to raise its state income taxes, it would still only pay 12.5 percent of its budget in taxes.

This means that even with the new income tax, New Jersey would still have to raise about $6 billion to pay its bills.

This would result in the biggest budget deficit New Jersey has seen in decades.

North Carolina – $4 trillion North Carolina is one other state that is facing budget problems, but the state does not have a state income or property tax.

However there is some concern that if North Carolina raised its income tax to 12 percent it could add another $4 to the state tax bill.

North Dakota – $6 trillion North Dakota has the highest tax burden in the nation, with more than 80 percent of the state government’s revenue coming from taxes on dividend and income from capital gains.

The high tax burden has been a major sticking point for North

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