What to look out for if you’re getting a pay cut article What’s your employer doing to keep your salary?

The Federal Government is now offering a small income calculator for workers in some areas of WA.

It lets employers know how much they can deduct from workers’ wages for any expenses they have to cover, including their health and childcare costs.

If you’re a casual employee, it gives employers an idea of how much you can deduct.

But if you are an employee, or if you have a casual job, the calculator is designed to help workers get the information they need to make an informed decision.

The calculator will be available to workers across the state on Friday.

For employers, it will be useful if they can’t find an income that’s adequate to meet their needs and they want to know how many of their employees are earning less than the income they’re paying.

It’s a great way to keep track of your employees’ pay and to get a sense of what’s working and what’s not, said Dr Amy Fung, director of the Centre for Workplace Competitiveness at the University of Western Australia.

“If you can’t afford to pay your employees for their services, you can use the income calculator to get some idea of what your costs are,” she said.

“That helps them make the right decisions when they make those decisions.”

The calculator lets employers look at expenses they incur for their employees, like travel, health, childcare and food, and can help them to figure out how much money they can take out for those expenses.

The income calculator is available to businesses and is also available to other employers, such as banks, for employees and contractors.

The Government says it will give the calculator to businesses that don’t have a salary-and-benefits agreement with the Commonwealth.

“This calculator will help businesses identify if they’re eligible for the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), which will help them make decisions about how much to pay their employees,” said Department of Human Services spokeswoman Nicole Brown.

“Employers will be able to see how much of their workers’ wage is being used to pay for other costs, such a sick leave, or for childcare, if they are not covered by the EEA.”

She said it would also help employers to get an idea about how many employees are getting the lowest pay possible.

“We want to encourage businesses to make sure their employees have access to the right amount of money for their job,” she explained.


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