An income of $32,000 (about £25,000) is the lowest income in the United States, according to data from the Census Bureau.

But that’s a small number compared to the average income of more than 40 million people in the US.

While some people live on the edge of poverty, the average American has more to worry about than a high-income family.

For most people, their financial situation isn’t very dire.

But for the millions of Americans in extreme poverty, it can be.

The numbers are shocking Read more In the US, about 1.6 million people live below the poverty line, according the latest census data, with an estimated 5.7 million living in poverty, or about 1 in every 10 Americans.

That means that for every person in the country living below the federal poverty line of $23,978, there are about 1,800 people who live in extreme, extreme poverty.

This is a figure that has not changed in more than 20 years, but it is changing at a faster rate than any other country in the world.

The United States is the only major country where an increasing number of people are living in extreme or extreme poverty and more than half of Americans living in this situation.

In the US it’s an issue of concern for every single person, and it’s happening at a time when it’s becoming harder and harder for most Americans to find work.

The American Dream has been on the decline, and millions of people in poverty are struggling to find the means to support themselves and their families.

It’s a story that is often repeated, even by the very rich.

Many people have a belief that the only way they will ever achieve the American Dream is to become a successful entrepreneur, but they often don’t know how to get to the next level.

In order to move up in the workforce, they need a college degree or a high school diploma, and they have to find a way to get ahead.

And because the US has no national retirement savings plan, it is not a common practice for many Americans to get their money into an IRA.

This means that if they don’t have money in a savings account they can’t take advantage of the tax benefits offered by an employer.

And many people who get a job are still paying more than their salary, even if they get a raise or other bonus.

In addition, a large percentage of people who don’t live on their own have some kind of support from a family member or someone they trust, such as a spouse, ex-spouse, child or parent. 

Some people struggle with low incomes, but there are also many people with a decent standard of living who are in extreme income poverty.

These are people who are living below $25,500 a year, or between $26,000 and $47,000, according an article published by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

They can be very low income, and this is why the number of extreme poverty households has grown by nearly 40% in the last five years.

But the US poverty line has increased in the past five years, and many people in extreme financial hardship live in a very different world than those living on the margins.

The number of Americans who have an income of less than $32 and who live on less than 25% of their disposable income has increased from 8% in 2013 to 17% in 2018, according data from United Way.

The increase in extreme low-income households is not unique to the US either.

In Germany, the US and France, the poverty level of extreme low income households has increased by more than 50% in just the past three years, according a study by the International Monetary Fund. 

When it comes to extreme poverty it is a huge problem, and there are several different ways that people can be affected by extreme poverty in the USA.

People can live on a diet that restricts the amount of food they eat, or they can move to a country with a lot of food security and low food prices.

There are also other ways to be affected, such in the case of homelessness and lack of jobs.

If you’re living on $16,000 a year or less in the city, there is a good chance that you don’t need a car or even a place to live.

For people living on less money, a lack of a reliable source of income is a big problem.

This has been particularly true in the wake of the recession.

Many of the most desperate people who were able to get jobs were unemployed and could not find other work, and the lack of work they were able do created an even bigger crisis for their families, said Michael Gaffney, director of the US National Poverty Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

The National Low Income Housing Coalition reports that there are more than 8 million households in the most severe and extreme poverty of the United, according for example to the American Housing Survey

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