By John Whitehouse, CNNMoney reporterIn recent years, a variety of new tax rules have created an entirely new category of income tax forms, known as Smart Passive Investments.

Smart Passive investments typically are used to help owners of small businesses and small businesses-related businesses earn more money than they would be otherwise.

But unlike the traditional income tax form, Smart Passive income is often not subject to a capital gains tax.

This means that it can be easily filed with the IRS.

Smart passive income is taxed at the regular personal income tax rate, or 30%, even if the investment is managed by a company.

The IRS requires Smart Passive investment income to be reported on Form 4453, or Smart Passive Investment Certificate of Status.

If a Smart Passive Investor is not filing their return, the IRS will file an additional Form 4443 with their return.

This filing process is a long and arduous one.

The IRS requires you to provide an additional supporting document to be eligible for the Smart Passive Tax Credit, or SPTC.

If you are eligible for this credit, you can apply for a Smart Active Tax Credit.

The Smart Passive credit applies to investment income earned over the past 12 months, not investments that have been held for more than a year.

If an investor has been holding a portfolio of investment securities for more then one year, the Smart Active Credit will apply.

The SPTCs for the smart passive investments are a bit different than the income tax returns you file.

Instead of filing an income tax return, Smart Active returns are filed through a partnership.

The partner may file a Smart passive return for a small business or a Smart active return for an individual.

The partnership must file a separate Smart Passive Return for each Smart Passive investor, even if you own one.

For example, if you have an investment in an individual who has invested in an investment that has been held on a mutual fund for more of than two years, the partnership can file a return for the investment for up to two years from the date of the investment.

You would have to file the SPT in addition to your income tax Return.

Smart Passive investors who have made investments of more than $5,000 for at least one year can use the SPA to reduce their taxable income by up to $3,000.

For a family of four, a Smart Tax Credit of up to 20% is available for investments of up at least $5.000 for two years.

The partnership filing requirement means that many Smart Passive investors will not be able to file their return without the Smart passive investment certificate, or the Smart active tax return.

You should be aware of the filing requirements when preparing your return.

You should file your Smart Passive return as soon as possible.

You can file your return no later than April 15, 2019, or you can file it in the same month as you expect to receive your IRS tax return for that year.

If you are not filing a return, you must file the Smart Tax Return with the Smart Investor Certificate.

The Smart Passive Investing Certificate of Successor or Smart Active Investor can be used to calculate your Smart passive tax credit.

If your smart passive investor does not have a Smart tax return filed with him or her, the smart investor will have a tax return due on or before April 15.

The smart passive tax return is due on the date on which the Smart tax credit is due.

If Smart Passive Investors do not file their Smart Tax Returns with the partnership, the tax return will be due on April 15 and you will not get a Smart Smart Tax credit.

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