Posted November 02, 2018 06:14:49When the first Apple iPhone 5s smartphones are officially released, it will probably be this Friday, November 2nd.

The iPhone 5 is currently in limited supply, and many users have already purchased their first iPhone from Best Buy.

However, according to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, it could be another day or two before we see the first iPhones available on the streets of the US.

The report claims that the iPhone 5 S will be out in the US on November 2, which means that many of you have already preordered your iPhone 5.

However the iPhone maker’s new iPhone 6 could be available for purchase as early as November 9th.

According to the report, Best Buy will offer preorders starting at 5PM EST.

While the iPhone 6 may not be available until November 9, some retailers like Target, BestBuy and Walmart may be able to ship the iPhone for an even earlier date.

While it’s still possible to preorder your iPhone on November 1st, some stores like Walmart may only be able do it in select territories.

While you’re waiting for your new iPhone to arrive, you can still preorder the iPhone 4S at Best Buy and Target, and the iPhone 7 at Target, but it will likely be a bit pricier.

If you want to pre-order the latest iPhone models, the iPhone SE and the new iPhone XS Max, you will likely need to go to Apple’s website and purchase them.

There are also some stores that will be able offer preorder.

Most notably, Amazon will be offering preorders at the end of November, with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X at BestBuy, as well as the iPhone Xs Max and iPhone 8 Plus at Amazon.

The latter will be available at a price of $7,000.

If you’re a fan of the iPhone, the next iPhone could be on the way soon, according the WSJ.

The company is currently working on a new version of the iOS operating system, called OS X Yosemite.

The new OS is said to bring several new features, including Siri, a new HomeKit platform, a redesigned interface for the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and improved video playback.

Apple will likely unveil the iPhone 9 sometime this fall, according AppleInsider.

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