The DC income taxes rate is at its lowest point in the country, according to a new study from the Tax Foundation.

Taxpayers in the DC metro area pay an effective income tax rate of just 0.09% in 2016, which is the lowest rate in the state of Washington, according the study.

The Tax Foundation’s new DC Income Tax Estimator, which tracks tax collections in DC and other metro areas across the country as well as across state lines, found that DC’s income tax rates were at the lowest level of the country in the period from 2011 to 2016.

The Tax Foundation report also found that in 2017, DC residents paid an effective tax rate on a net basis of just 1.06%, the lowest in that time period.

The tax rates in the District and elsewhere are set by the state government and vary greatly based on factors like how much income people are collecting.

But the Tax Foundations analysis finds that DC residents are paying the lowest rates in 2017.

The District’s income taxes were among the lowest on net basis.

Taxing low-income earners in the capital city is one of the TaxFounders priorities for the next tax reform package.

The DC income and property taxes, which are set separately, are levied at the federal level, and federal income tax revenues from all tax filers are collected and distributed by the city of DC, which collects the revenue from both local and federal sources.

The study, which looks at federal tax collections and revenue distributions, found the District had an effective federal income taxes revenue distribution of $2.08 billion in 2017 on net, the lowest among the 50 largest metro areas.

That number was $2,862 million lower than the federal income taxation distribution, the Taxfounders report found.

In 2016, the District’s federal tax collection and distribution of revenue was $3.4 billion, the highest in the federal government, according Toensing.

Taxpayers in DC, however, have a different perspective.

Tax rates in DC are the lowest of any metro area in the US, according TFS, and the lowest across the entire state of Maryland.

In Maryland, residents paid a combined federal and local tax rate, while residents of Washington paid a total federal income and income tax.

In addition to the District, the data also showed that taxpayers in DC paid the lowest effective federal and state income tax in 2016.

DC residents owed a combined state and federal tax of $1.079 billion, according TaxFounder.

The lowest effective tax rates nationwide in 2017 were in Arizona ($0.15), California ($0,063), Texas ($0.,006), Virginia ($0), and Maine ($0).

The TaxFoundry report also notes that residents of the District are paying a lower effective federal rate than residents of most of the states and counties in the entire nation.

Tax rate rates in Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are all at the same level as DC.

Washington’s effective federal tax rate is less than the national average and the District has the lowest overall effective federal revenue rate.

The tax rate in Washington was also below the national median of 0.18%, according to the Taxfoundation report.

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