Why the US doesn’t have a income tax system, and how to fix it

By Amy GoodmanIt’s a question that’s been asked countless times over the past few decades: Why isn’t the United States a fully-fledged nation state?

The answer: Because it’s a very big country, and the U.S. government is too big.

In the last century, the U tos grew from roughly 10% of the world’s population to more than 200% of its.

In the 20th century, that number shot up to more like 250%.

And in the 21st, it soared to more nearly 300%.

And yet, in some respects, we still have a system that’s not quite what it was.

In fact, the biggest barrier to the full realization of this dream is a country that’s more than twice the size of the United Kingdom.

This is a nation of roughly 40 million people.

Its size also makes it a very different country from the one we’ve come to know.

For starters, we’re a country where we don’t just tax the rich, we also tax the poor, the sick, and immigrants.

It’s an economic system that is not only less generous than the ones in most developed nations, but one that’s also not entirely fair to those who are the least fortunate.

So what is it that makes the U so unique?

A few simple points:1.

It was the first country in the world to establish a system of direct taxation.2.

We do not have a social security system, which means there is no benefit for those who aren’t able to contribute to it.3.

We don’t have an inheritance tax, which is the one other country in which a percentage of a person’s income is taxed.4.

Our tax system is far less progressive than that in most other countries.

So why is the U such a special case?

First, because the U is an exception.

The rest of the Western world has a similar system to ours, in which people pay taxes on their income and use it to provide for their families and keep them alive.

And the U has a system in which the richest people in the country pay the most taxes, and everyone else gets a share of the benefits.

In short, the system in the U makes the richest richer than everyone else.

Second, it’s an exception because it’s the one that has survived.

The U isn’t unique in having a government that is completely dysfunctional, a government where citizens have little control over their own money, a political system that has a long history of abuse and corruption, and a culture that favors the wealthy.

The U also has a tradition of paying very little in taxes.

But the U also happens to be a country with one of the largest and most successful economies on the planet.

It is, in other words, an economy that is the envy of the developed world.

In other words: It has the world-class, technologically advanced, technologically sophisticated, and highly educated population that the rest of us crave.

And in addition to all of these advantages, it has one of America’s most diverse and dynamic economies.

In a nutshell, the United State is a big country that has been blessed with one that, when properly managed, can provide a very good life for everyone, with an abundance of opportunities for everybody, and with no real barriers to opportunity and advancement.

So if you want to understand why the U of A doesn’t work, the short answer is simple: The government is so big.

And, in fact, this is what makes the United a great country.

In addition to having the most powerful economy in the Western Hemisphere, the country is also one of our most diverse.

In a world where everyone has a smartphone, the internet, and TV, the American dream is alive and well.

The world’s fastest growing nation?

The U.

Of course, the top-ranking country in a whole host of other categories.

In fact, according to the UCR, the number of countries with the fastest-growing economies in the global economy is just one, and it’s China, followed by the U (and then the U as a whole).

While it’s true that many other countries have larger economies, it is a fact that the U ranks high on the list of the top countries for economic growth.

The average U. of A citizen has seen their economy grow by 6.4% per year, according the UCSB, and that’s a whopping 5% growth rate over the last 10 years.

That’s right: Between 2001 and 2010, the average American worker saw their income rise by 5.4%.

And that’s just the workers in the top 1%.

And, of course, when it comes to jobs, the statistics are even better.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were over 12 million jobs created in 2010.

That’s nearly 40% more than the number that were created during the same time period in 2001.It should

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